Benefits of a lash lift?
  • Eyes look larger and more lifted

  • Shorter lashes will appear longer

  • No mascara needed so perfect for clients who are allergic

  • Save time not using curlers in the morning

  • Waterproof – perfect for holidays

What is a lash lift?

An eyelash lift is a way of perming the eyelashes so that they sit in an upright, curled position making them look longer and the eyes look bigger. This is a perfect treatment for clients that like a natural look and do not like having eyelash extensions applied.

How long does it last?

An eyelash lift usually lasts anywhere between 6-8 weeks depending on the client.

Stage 1

Firstly we remove all eye makeup so we are working on clean lashes for the best results. Silicone pads are then placed to the eyelids they come in 3 different sizes, the size will be chosen by the beautician depending on how long your lashes are and the look you wish to achieve. We will then curl the eyelashes up sticking them to the silicon pad with adhesive, the client will have their eyes closed throughout the whole treatment.

Stage 2

Secondly once all are stuck we will apply the perming lotion along the base of all the lashes, this is what makes the lashes upright and curled – we leave this for 15 mins.

Stage 3

We then remove the perming lotion and repeat this with fixing lotion – this is what will hold the lashes in place making them last as long as possible. Fixing lotion is left on the lashes for 15 mins.

Stage 4

Finally we remove the fixing lotion and apply nourishing lotion, this will un-stick the lashes and remove any unwanted adhesive. Nourishing lotion is left for 5 mins and is a really important step, this will restore the lashes of any oils that were lost during the treatment

Stage 5

We will remove the silicone pads, clean around the eye area and brush through the lashes. Lashes will appear longer and more upright – this is the perfect treatment for someone looking to achieve a natural but effective look.

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