Treating yourself to some Gel Nails or a manicure is the best way to brighten up your hands for a night out or an event. Our hands go through so much each day that KJ Cosmetics Luxury Nail Manicures in Bradfield, Reading are the perfect way to give them some care and nourishment.

Gel Nails are kinder to your hands than acrylics, they are more flexible and not the long-term commitment acrylics can become.  They last longer than regular nail polish and can transform the look and feel of your nails.

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Gel Nails 

We offer a full set of Gel Nails which is a thick polish set under a UV lamp. The polish brand we use is called Halo which is long lasting and has a glossy finish. This nail manicure treatment will come with nail neaten and soak, cuticle care, along with the polish and hand massage.  

KJ Cosmetics- Nail treatments (Reading B

Luxury Manicure

This nail treatment will include nail neaten and soak along with cuticle care, hand exfoliation, hand mask, moisturise and a hand massage, we will then finish off with a clear nail hardener polish. This is perfect nail manicure for people with working hands or dry skin.

KJ Cosmetics- Nail treatments (Reading B

Gel Nail Removal

It is important to have your gel nail manicure removed in the right way to avoid breaking and damaging your natural nail. This is done by soaking them off and having them re-applied or a soak off and nail hardener.

Nail Treatments

At KJ Cosmetics we use the Halo nail polish to creating stunning high-quality nail manicures. Halo offers a spectrum of stunning colours for every occasion which is why we have stocked up on a wide range of their colours to give our customers the best choice.

Book your nail manicure in advance and request colours for your special occasion. Why not accompany your treatment with one of our facials to feel completely pampered?

Our gel nail removal is ideal if you have a old nail manicure you would like to remove. Team a gel removal with one of our full nail treatments to give you a  beautiful finished look.

Gift cards are available for a special occasions or someone special. Get in touch today to book a a appointment.

Gel Nails and Manicure Price List

Full set of Gel Nails  (with cuticle soak and removal)


Gel Nail Removal 


Gel Nail removal and new set 


Luxury Manicure with nail strengthener (cuticle care, hand exfoliation, mask and massage)


Luxury Manicure with full set of Gel Nails 



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