How do I keep my skin clean and refreshed?

With the cold and blustery Winter weather here our skin needs a little extra TLC to keep it looking good for the Spring!

Here at KJ Cosmetics we offer a 7 stage facial to give your skin the help it needs!

Stage 1

Double cleanse to clean the skin of any makeup and dirt.

Stage 2

Hot towels to open up the pores.

Stage 3

Pore vacuum to suck out and dirt and oils trapped in the skin. (This is often why people suffer with breakouts)

Stage 4

EZCo2 mask will give oxygen to your red blood cells helping with blood circulation, skin brightness and texture.

Stage 5

Dermaplaning to remove all dead skin cells and peach fuzz hair leaving skin smooth and soft. (Option for a peel if you prefer)

Stage 6

Intensive repair mask soothes the skin and gives moisturise back to any dry areas.

Stage 7

Hydrating serum and moisturise leaving the skin fresh, smooth and hydrated.

Allow yourself a good hour and a half for this luxury treatment, let yourself relax and enjoy the experience in our peaceful salon.