KJ Cosmetics offers the safest and most effective laser hair removal for all skin types in their salon in Bradfield, Reading.


The clinic near reading offers a wide range of laser hair removal treatments using the award winning Gold Standard Duetto MT Evo laser.

The beauty clinic in Berkshire offers the perfect setting for your laser hair removal treatment. Get in touch today to find out more about our treatment packages.


Appointments are available evenings and weekends, parking is free.

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Laser Hair Removal

KJ Cosmetics in Bradfield, near Reading offers a wide range of laser hair removal treatments for both men and women of all skin types. Our new state of the art Duetto MT Evo laser offers the most advanced mixed laser technology in the world to achieve the safest and most effective laser hair removal. 

Our pre-treatment consultation and patch testing allows our therapist Kate the opportunity to ensure you get the optimum treatment. If you would like to find out more about laser therapy please ring our salon and we would be happy to chat through the treatment process. 


Laser hair removal treatments can be carried out on a variety of areas on the body, including: legs, armpits & arms, face, bikini line & back & chest. 



Before your first session of laser hair removal you will need to have a full consultation and patch test. This is done at the salon so we can have a look at the area being treated and to ensure that laser hair removal is suitable for you.


If you have had laser hair removal elsewhere or even a patch test you will still need to have another with us as things can change over time and not all machines offer the same treatments. 

During this appointment you will fill out a medical health form, a laser consent form and a Fitzpatrick Scale form to determine what skin type you are and if you are suitable for the treatment. 


Our Duetto MT Evo machine offers combined laser technology which offers hair removal for a whole range of skin types, from 1 to 6 (I-VI) on the Fitzpatrick scale.

Kate discusses a laser hair removal treatment with a client in her salon in Reading, Berkshire


Once we know your skin is suitable for laser hair removal treatment, we can book in your first session; most people will need as little as 6 sessions for complete hair removal.


However, in some cases of hirsutism such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) clients may need between 10 and 12 treatments; this is something that will be discussed during your consultation. 

Appointments will generally be 4 weeks apart but as we get towards the end of your course you may be asked to leave 6 weeks between to have the most effective results.


Each laser hair removal session will be reducing your hair growth by roughly 20%, this is because the laser can best treat hairs in the anagen phase of growth.

Kate performs a laser hair remvoal treatment on a client at the salon in Bradfield


Ahead of the patch test you will be asked to leave your hair grow for a few days. This is so we can assess the thickness of your hair and its speed of growth.


After considering your skin and hair type we will set up the machine and take 2/3 shots in the treatment area to see if your skin reacts. (A shot is one flash of the laser light).


Most people will not have any visible reaction to laser hair removal; however, a slight redness is not uncommon and quite normal. Once the patch test has been done, we leave the area at least 24h to check there are no further reactions.

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Once you have started your laser hair removal it is important that you only shave in between your sessions and do not wax, pluck or epilate. This is important as pulling any hair out from the root will not give us effective results at your next laser session.

After your appointments you need to ensure that the treated area is kept out of direct sunlight and you should avoid sunbeds; showers should not be too hot and you should keep the area free from deodorants and perfumes as we will advise. 

For full information on what not to do before and after your treatment check out our pre and post aftercare page and the detailed information you will have at the appointment.

The salon in Bradfield, Reading where laser hair removal treatments are performed.

Hair Growth Phases

The anagen growth phase lasts roughly 2/3 weeks and is when the hair is connected to the dermal papilla. Treating the hair at this stage allows the laser to travel down the hair shaft and kill the hair at the root.


Our dual technology machine targets both melanin in the colour of the hair and the blood supply to the root. It is important that before your laser hair removal appointment you shave the area 24/48hrs before so that the laser is able to detect the hair sitting just at the surface of the skin.

Laser hair removal penetrates the hair at the anagen growth phase

Frequently asked questions

How many sessions of laser are needed to remove all the hair?

Usually 6 sessions will be enough to remove all hair in the area however if someone had excessive hair growth for any reason they may need more. We would have a better idea of this once we see your skin type and the strength and colour of the hair.

Will the hair be gone forever?

We can never guarantee that the hair will be gone forever as in later life and hormone changes can cause hair to regrow. Some people choose to have further top up treatments after a year or so.

Can I sunbathe or sunbed when getting laser hair removal?

You need to not have a tan, sunbed or sunbathe when having laser hair removal. We advise that you stay out of the sun 2 weeks prior and after your laser treatment.

Can I still use fake tan?

Fake tan can be worn but you need to ensure it is FULLY scrubbed off before coming in for your treatment, this is to avoid the laser picking up the pigment in your tan and not your hair. This can cause burning!

How often do I have laser hair removal treatments?

You will have your treatments roughly 4 weeks apart, however when you get close to the end of your course it may be 6-8 weeks depending how much hair growth you have.

Do I need a consultation for laser hari removal?

Yes; everyone having laser hair removal will need to come in and have a full consultation and a patch test. This allows us to consider your skin type and see the quality of the hair in the area we are going to treat. The patch test is just a couple of shots in the area of treatment to check you do not have an adverse reaction.

What type of laser is being used?

The two combined lasers in the Duetto MT Evo are Alexandrite and Nd:YAG; Alexandrite will target the colour of your hair and the Nd:YAG will target and kill the blood supply to the hair follicle.

Most laser machines have one or the other laser, but the Duetto allows precise addition of the Alexandrite and Nd:YAG together so even darker skins can be treated.

Can I continue to wax in between sessions?

No, you need to not wax or epilate between sessions, you can only shave; this is because the laser needs to see the hair sitting in the surface of the skin in order to target and kill it. The best results are achieved during the anagen growth phase when the hair is fixed in the follicle. If you pluck or epilate you have removed the hair from the follicle so results would not be effective.

I am going on holiday, can I still have laser hair removal treatment done?

Yes, you can still have laser done however you need to ensure you do not have a tan; this may mean leaving a bigger gap between sessions around the date of your holiday. Also we advise that you stay out of the sun for 2 weeks after your treatment and use sun protection as well. The winter is a great time to start on your hair removal journey as in even the first few sessions you will see a great reduction.

Do I need to let my hair grow for the treatment?

No, your hair needs to be shaven 24/48h before your appointment. However, you may be asked to grow the hair for a week or so before your initial consultation so we can assess your hair growth and the thickness.

I am Pregnant. Can I have laser hair removal?

No, you are unable to have laser hair removal if you are pregnant.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

At KJ Cosmetics we have the latest laser technology making your treatment as comfortable as possible. Alongside the laser machine we have a cooling system which cools the skin as we work.

In most areas the treatment will be pain free however in some more sensitive areas you may feel a slight warm sensation.

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Price List

KJ Cosmetics offer a wide range of packages for our laser hair removal. Get in touch today to book a consultation.


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