KJ Cosmetics in Bradfield, Reading offers a semi-permanent eyeliner which gives a inconspicuous, natural enhancement to your top and bottom lash line. This semi-permanent treatment  gives you the definition needed to enhance your eyes and make them pop. Wave goodbye to those wobbly lines and discover a cosmetic tattoo treatment that lasts. 

KJ Cosmetics Semi Permanent Eyeliner Tre

Top & Bottom Liner

Eye liner can be drawn above the upper lashes or below the lower lashes or both.  We work with you during your consultation and the treatment to create the perfect look. If you are after small lines to draw out your eyes or thick lines to go with your lashes we can help you get the look to last.

Semi- Permanent Eyeliner

Most women suffer with a degree of eyeliner smudging throughout the day, semi-permanent eyeliner is a great way to avoid this.

The cosmetic tattooing of eyeliner has become very popular for women going on holiday, wanting to be in and out the pool but not wanting to do it makeup free. Waterproof and smudge free this treatment is a low maintenance, long-lasting treat before for your next trip!


If you regularly wear fake eye lashes or have eye lash extensions this treatment is still suitable for you. Not only does semi-permanent eyeliner last, it creates a great base to place those lovely lashes on.

Your initial treatment is followed up 4-6 weeks later with your free top-up to ensure you get exactly the emphasis you desire.

Expired makeup can harbour bacteria. When it comes to your eyes, this bacteria build-up can cause infections within the eye. Your eyes are so important and it’s vital that you treat them well.

If you are using old and out of date liquid or pencil eyeliner you are increasing the chances of getting a nasty eye infection. Having Semi-permanent eyeliner which lasts for up to three years and removes this risk.

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner Price List

Eyeliner (Top and Bottom) 

Eyeliner (Top or Bottom)

Beauty Spot

Colour Boost (1 year)  

Colour Boost is available for previous KJ Cosmetics SPMU customers

Colour Boost (6 months) 

Colour Boost (3 months)


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