What makes the Duetto MT Evo Different?

Here at KJ Cosmetics we are delighted to now be offering laser hair removal and I just wanted to tell you a few things about the Duetto MT Evo machine we have here.

The Duetto MT Evo is one of the best technology lasers on the market and has many features which makes it perfect for achieving smooth hair-free skin.

Many laser hair removal machines use an Alexandrite laser to remove the hair; this specific laser targets the melanin (colour) in the hair and travels down the hair shaft and destroys it. This is a great laser to use, however due to its focus on melanin and colour this laser is only suitable for skin types 1-4 (fairer skins with dark hair)

What makes the Duetto MT Evo a Gold Standard laser is its mixed technology ability.

Instead of just having the Alexandrite laser our machine combines with the NdYag laser. NdYag targets the root of the hair follicle and kills the blood supply; this is perfect for clients with lighter hairs or darker skin tones.

This MT mixed technology laser treatment mixes both laser wavelengths at the same time, in varying proportions, specifically for the client’s skin type and hair texture and colour, so it allows us to treat ALL skin types 1-6.

Alongside the Duetto we have an advanced integrated cooling system which cools the skin as we are working with the laser; this makes the treatment virtually pain free and there is no need to use sticky gels to cool and protect your skin during the treatment.

Why not get in touch to arrange a consultation and patch test so we can get your winter laser regime under way so 2021 is the hair-free season you have been promising yourself for ages!

Kate x

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