How long will it take for my semi-permanent eyebrows to heal?

Good morning! I hope you are all looking forward to the weekend!

I just wanted to talk you through what you can expect if you have a semi-permanent brow treatment at KJ Cosmetics.

Before any work or drawing starts we will talk about what you expect to achieve from the procedure. This will include shape, colour and thickness. It may be useful to come to the salon with your brows just like you usually make them up, so I can see your style.

Or we can revisit your style; the shape of your brows frames your face and can open up your eye area and it may be good to experiment a little before you decide.

Once we know what style you would like I clear the area from any makeup to see your natural brow area. Numbing cream is applied and left for 10 minutes to make the treatment feel more comfortable. Time for a cold drink, or a coffee!

Taking into consideration the style you like and any preferences for shape I will draw the eyebrows in and we can work together to get exactly the look you like. No work will start before you are 100% happy with the drawing and happy for the tattooing to begin. By now the numbing cream will have worked and we can start the fine work of giving you the brows you want.

The tattooing starts and I work slowly through each eyebrow making fine hair strokes to form the shape. This can be done to get just the look you desire; closer hair strokes will give more of a makeup look whereas less separated hair strokes will give a more natural look.

While we are tattooing more numbing cream will be applied throughout the whole treatment for a pain free procedure.

Remember that straight after the first session of treatment you may feel the brows are bolder and perhaps darker than you like, but this is only temporary and the colour will soften through the healing process.

After the first treatment we book a free top-up appointment in 4-6 weeks to go over the brows again and revisit any areas which need extra emphasis.

Last note for today.. if you are planning to be brow-tastic for your summer holiday please don’t leave it too late as you really want to be fully healed before you go jumping in the pool or laying out in the hot sun!

Thank you!


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