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Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Hello again from KJ Cosmetics!

We have been having some gorgeous weather lately and it’s really quite busy in the salon. I have people wishing to update their eyebrows and quite a few bookings for permanent eyeliner, which is just perfect for the days when you want a totally waterproof look, no smudging from the pool or when overheating under a parasol!

It doesn’t take more than a day or two of sunshine to catch us all out, wishing we had done all those beauty extras before we wanted to bare our arms and legs… and faces to the summer.

Personally, I try to keep the sunshine spirits up all year round, I just don’t feel good without a bit of colour on my skin. I have very fair skin and since I don’t tan naturally in the sun (or on a sunbed!) I have tried and tested many of the different tanning products on the market.I thought you might like me to share a few of my hints and favourite products:

Step 1 – Preparing your skin for tanning

For the best tanning results you need to prepare your skin in the right way. To do this I make sure I have all my existing tan exfoliated off. I use Bondi Sands Tan Remover which I leave on for half an hour before getting in the shower. It really is a great product and on special at the moment! Click the image to buy now!

Step 2 – Exfoliating

Once in the shower I exfoliate with gloves to get all the previous tan off and any dead skin cells which could cause the tan to be patchy. Pay close attention to dry areas such as knees and elbows.

Step 3 – Tanning

Before applying the fake tan I moisturise elbows and knees to avoid build up in these areas. At the moment I am using Lauren’s Way Darker than Dark fake tan. I have tried many but I feel this lasts the longest and gives a good even coverage. If possible it’s always good to have a girlfriend round to help get your back evenly covered! To apply the tan I use a mitt in circular motions working in sections.

Step 4 – Maintaining your tan

Your tan should last roughly a week if you maintain it right. I moisturise each day and a few days in give your body a gently exfoliate to get rid of any unwanted skin cells and keep it even.


Bronzie at do a great range of products which include an after-tan jumpsuit (great for lounging or sleeping without worrying about getting your sheets or sofa tanned as well) and tanning mitts for when you don’t have a girlfriend at hand!

Anyway, the Bank Holiday approaches and we are promised more sunshine.. have fun and call me if you want to get summer ready brows, lips or eyeliner!

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